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2009-01-07 21:46:09 by AndrewGlisson11

Well, it's probably a bit late to make a post like this, but i have nothing else to post, so i decided i would anyways :P

My favorite gift from christmas is Call Of Duty 4. I am working on beating it on the hardened difficulty.

I also got Guitar Hero 4. it's ok, but i'd rather play GH3. The hammer ons and pull offs where all fucked up. I was hoping for a greater challenge, but it was eaisier than GH3. the setlist was kinda boring. most of the songs where either boring to play, boring to listen too, or both. the multiplayer band play was quite bad, just a pathetic imatation of rock band. unlike rockband, it hardly felt like you where playing in a band. if one player failed, the whole band failed, unlike in rockband, where you can save a player if they fail. also, the vocals where way to sensitive and the drum petal was shit. the custom song maker wasn't at all good, it was way too complex. it sucked that you couldn't make chords with the lead guitar, and you couldn't use hammer ons and pull ofs with rythem, so it was impossible to use both in you're song.

so, i'll just keep playing guitar hero 3. speaking of which, I can almost 5 star Through The Fire And Flames ^_^

Edit: The person who gets to the 100th post wins a big reward!

P.S. no reward


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2009-01-07 21:49:41

what's your gamertag/ also where can you find 7isunlucky's videos?

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

I don't know what a gamertag is. if it has anything to do with online play, my parents won't let me play online.

search "7IsUnlucky" if you want to see his shit so badly.


2009-01-09 20:15:08

cock of doodie 4. :3 arby n the chief ftw. 5 stars on fire through the flames? on wich difficulty?

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

expert, otherwise, there wouldn't be any reason to brag :P lol.

btw, i said ALMOST, i'm close, but i haven't quite done it yet. my current highest score is about 507,000.


2009-01-11 17:59:02

Are finally able to go on the internet again?

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

They still won't let me, I always sneak on. It isn't hard :P lol.


2009-01-16 23:28:26

hahahha. Lol. when i get grounded i sneak on to. =D

AndrewGlisson11 responds:



2009-01-20 20:31:32

I got Guitar Hero 4 too, it's called Rock Band.
Seriously what the hell is the point of GH4, it's just another Rock band..

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

they should have stuck with their original concept of guitar only, they aren't good with anything else.