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AndrewGlisson11's News

Posted by AndrewGlisson11 - August 16th, 2009

Thanks to gmail, I made my way back into this account.

However, I am done with this account.

I already have twice the BP points on my new main than on this one, and I fucked up way to badly here for me to have any desire to continue using it.

Once I am done typeing this, I am going to change my password to something completly random and lock myself out of this account.


Posted by AndrewGlisson11 - April 25th, 2009

Pointless post, just comment with whatever the hell you want except spam.

EDIT: I took This IQ test and scored 132, which means that I am smarter than 98% of people :D
Of course, it was a short IQ test that took only 4 minutes for me to complete, so it could be innacurate. Online IQ tests are infamous for that. but 132 seems accurate to me. when I was in the 6th grade, I scored 127 on a very accurate real-life IQ test that took several hours and was probably taken over the course of several days if I remember correctly.
I KNOW that i'm smarter than I was then. My bbs posts, all of which were written at that time, indicate that i'm smarter now than I was then. In fact, I have difficulty beleiveing that my IQ was above 100 back then based on the lack of matureity I demonstrated in those posts. But maturity and grammar do not affect IQ directly, so 127 might be right.

EDIT: Logical proof that God doesn't exist

http://exchristian.net/exchristian/200 7/02/logical-proof-that-god-doesnt-exi st.html
http://nowtowns.com/forums/?id=25374&f i=Proof+that+God+doesnt+exist+&fd
http://www.atheist.net/article/article _352.html

http://choosedoubt.blogspot.com/2007/0 7/logical-disproof-of-god-aka-god-is.h tml

As if I even need any more proof :)

Here's another link: http://www.tektonics.org/guest/300proo f.html
Though I must agree that most of the arguments there are complete shit, some of them are logical.

And I will add an argument of my own: How can a God exist when those chosen to represent him sometimes sexually abuse children?

EDIT: If you think you can contradict one of the resons in the links above, please do, and I will counter your arguement.

EXAMPLE: To the proof in the second link, some would say "do not test the lord your god." This actually helps to further prove that god does not exist. It shows that god is very immature, so immature, in fact, that he is not even willing to be tested, even though he ceaselessly tests the faith of his creations with plagues and other forms of pain and suffering frequently bestowed upon mankind. It also shows that he is an idiot. He was far too dumb to realize that, if he had saved the man, than it would no longer be deniable that he existed. However, since he failed to act, It is now no longer deniable that he cannot possibly exist.

Posted by AndrewGlisson11 - March 12th, 2009

I'm getting really good at COD4, i've almost beaten it on veteran, i'm on the second last level.

the problem is, my wireless controllers keep disconnecting randomly, so i'm stuck in the middle of the level with my broken conrollers unalble to complete it, i'll need to get some new ones :P

EDIT: I just got a new controller, so now i can finnaly beat the game on veteran difficulty. :D

EDIT:I beat it! well, kinda... i can't beat the epilogue. but i still got the acheivement, so i guess that means I beat it :D

Posted by AndrewGlisson11 - January 26th, 2009


Posted by AndrewGlisson11 - January 7th, 2009

Well, it's probably a bit late to make a post like this, but i have nothing else to post, so i decided i would anyways :P

My favorite gift from christmas is Call Of Duty 4. I am working on beating it on the hardened difficulty.

I also got Guitar Hero 4. it's ok, but i'd rather play GH3. The hammer ons and pull offs where all fucked up. I was hoping for a greater challenge, but it was eaisier than GH3. the setlist was kinda boring. most of the songs where either boring to play, boring to listen too, or both. the multiplayer band play was quite bad, just a pathetic imatation of rock band. unlike rockband, it hardly felt like you where playing in a band. if one player failed, the whole band failed, unlike in rockband, where you can save a player if they fail. also, the vocals where way to sensitive and the drum petal was shit. the custom song maker wasn't at all good, it was way too complex. it sucked that you couldn't make chords with the lead guitar, and you couldn't use hammer ons and pull ofs with rythem, so it was impossible to use both in you're song.

so, i'll just keep playing guitar hero 3. speaking of which, I can almost 5 star Through The Fire And Flames ^_^

Edit: The person who gets to the 100th post wins a big reward!

P.S. no reward

Posted by AndrewGlisson11 - December 16th, 2008

Post comments please

(no spam)


Posted by AndrewGlisson11 - December 7th, 2008

I may possibly get flash back, (well, atleast the free 30 day trial.) and i will try to complete a third windows parody before that time expires. it will be much beter than the others, for the following reasons:


sure, there will still be a shitload of popups at the beginning, but they will no longer keep appearing OVER and OVER and OVER again. I will make sure of it.


my other parodys look like they where made by a noob...

because they where.

but I will fix that!


I will draw it all myself!


but it will be difficult for the following reasons.


i can't even remember how to make buttons. i will use the flash tutorials for help, so don't help me unless i ask for it. there probably will be things that i can't find in the tutorials.


windows CRAP and VIRUS have already been used, but i can't do windows SHIT like i want to because my parents suck.

please leave comments and give me ideas for names that won't piss my parents off!


I don't have any sounds that i can use. if you do, please pm me with downloadable windows sounds (and an explosion sound) that i can use in my flash.


EDIT: I downloaded Adobe flash CS3 but i don't know how to open it!

Posted by AndrewGlisson11 - November 30th, 2008



EDIT: if you recomend, tell your freinds to do so also ^_^

Posted by AndrewGlisson11 - January 25th, 2008

my parents caught me swearing and won't even let me on the internet anymore.

i was able to sneak my way on to the internet and post this, but you probably won't see me here again for a few more years.

EDIT: to all the KK-loving cock-sucking faggots who keep saying "THE KK RULES!!!!1!!!!1!!!1!!11!1!1!! OMG LOL ITS WAT U DESERVE FOR FLAMEING THEM" fuck off.

and look at this

fun fact: the hundred years' war began in the year 1337. (no kidding. really.)

I'm mad as hell for multiple reasons, but i don't have the time to post it here now. i'll post my reasons later.


well, i'm pretty sure that i spelled his first name wrong, but i don't give a fuck. barak obama wouldn't be too bad of a president, actually. its the idiotic people voteing for him that i'm pissed off at. don't vote for obama, people. vote for hillary clinton. barak obama always says "I WILL MAKE CHANGE!" but that sounds like somthing a cash register would say. how can you beleive in this change if he has never told you how he will make it? if he isn't saying the same crap he usually says, he's copying what hillary said in his own words. he is also waaaaaay too inexperienced. but people still vote for him because he's 'cool'. you idiotic people, politicions aren't sopposed to be entertaining! (poor spelling again :P) you're electing him for the same reason you elected Georage W. Bush twice! ("because he seems like the kind of guy you can have a beer with" not exactly the same as 'cool' but close.) he is contantly going after hillary with his "I was against the war from the start" crap. (we where ALL for the iraq war before we knew there where no nuclear weopons!) but whenever hillary says somthing similar, "she's being mean to poor barak!"

as much of a democrat i am, i think john mccain would do a better job as president. sure, he "would leave the troops in iraq for a hundred years if he had too." but barak obama probably doesn't have the experience to take the troops out of iraq properly, and atleast john mccain wouldn't screw up the economy.

if barak obama becomes president, i will evacuate to either canada or britin because the republicans in this coultry tend to be liars and conservatives (i don't speak for all rebublicans when i say this, its mostly just republican politicians.) and the democrats are dumb enough to elect obama. it makes me look bad.

and don't even think about turning this into a racial issue. i have nothing against blacks.


Damned parents don't know shit about anything. they are just words, dammit.


I used to be 7IsUnluckys freind. we where freinds for a long time, but then he started acting like a faggot. it all started when he was kicked out of neurosiss 3 and LLL wouldn't let him back in. he showed his anger by makeing a Hate blog. i commented "littleluckylink didn't let you back into the collab?" and littleluckylink pmed me saying that he didn't. why? because he was being immature, acting as if he was the best animateor in the collab, (and he was the worst) and generally faggy. he gave me reasons, and 7 just simply said that he was a fag. i thought that 7 was acting like a fag there, but i still considered him my freind. and, as time, went by, he kept pissing off more and more users until he finnaly pissed me off. on my userpage, i was have a contest to see who could post the 666th comment without double posting. double posting got you disqualified. 7 was posting several pointless comments, but i didn't mind. then, he posted 2 pointless comments in a row, so i disqualified him. now look at comments 46 through 52. thats when he responden with "no fare you gay" and then 4 more spam comments to make a total of 5 in a row. that pissed me off. he probab;ly thought it would annoy me enough to requalify him, but, no, he was wrong. i warned him that i would ban his ass if he made another comment like that, so he responded with "nou". i finnaly banned him. but i still considered him a freind. i expected him to apologise, but, instead, he started another hate blog saying "ANDREWGLISSON11 IS AN FAG!". once i saw that, part of me died. look at the comments i made because i'm getting tired of quotes. i pmed him saying
"and i soppose now you're gonna spam my inbox or other immature sh*t like that.

we were pretty good freinds for a few months and now you're saying i'm a fag just because i banned you. any sensible person would agree with me.

if you unban me, i'll unban you. just as long as you don't post any more pointless comments. deal? (you're still disqualified)

and he said

"hmm i never thought of spamming your inbox but now that you mention it thanks i will :D"

so he spammed my inbox with "immature shit" 7 times. but then i blocked him and sent several pms to him saying that he was acting faggy, so he blocked me. i will not rest until this faggot has been given a perminant ban. also, here are several more links:

http://7isunluckyisafag.newgrounds.com /news/post/65321






and here's his site: http://www.freewebs.com/maniacal-produ ctions/

on the site questbook, krinkels was flameing him. yes, even krinkels. followed by tomfulp threatening him with account deletion. but 7 deleted the guestbook. and, yes, 7, it really was krinkels. you know how he said somthing like"i talked to a few of you're victims such as LLL and delta, and you are a real fag. go douse you're computer in gassoline." well, LLL got a pm from krinkels saying "so i hear there's this kid who has really pissed you off." which means that it really was him. you just got 0\/\/|\|3D!

EDIT: hillary finnaly has a chance of winning! people are finnally wiseing up and getting tired of his idiotic "change" crap.

also, does anyone play guitar hero? i just beat through the fire and flames on expert 4 times. WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!! and i'm starting to get good at the real guitar, too.

EDIT: Awww, how cute, the little faggot's flameing me again!

so, in that case, i will now start endlessly flameing the little bastard!

He is the stupid person's idea of a clever person.

he's proof that life exists after death.

he's a good example of why some animals eat their young.

he is so fat, he puts mayonaise on asprin.

he never opens his mouth without subtracting from the sum of human intellegence.

he makes michel jackson look straight.

his mamma's so poor, that when burglers break into her house, they leave her money instead of takeing it.

I bet 7's father spent the first years of 7's life throwing rocks at the stork.

He is so stupid, he challenged medussa (probably misspelled) to a stareing contest.

He is so ugly, he won.

He is so fat, the sun orbits around him.

EDIT: Click here if you support barak obama.

EDIT: click here to discover which circle of hell you will go to (assumeing hell was a real place. don't take this test seriously, because the first time i took it it said i would go to circle 5, the next time it said i would go to circle 1, and just a few minutes ago it said i would go to the 6th circle.)

EDIT: I AM FUCKING SICK OF THESE STUPID BAROK OBAMA SUPPORTERS!! if you support him, please post reasons why he is a better choice than hillary, and why hillary isn't a good choice in your opinion. i gurentee i can convince you otherwise.

EDIT: on thursday, my dad got me The Inferno by Dante Aligheri. The Inferno is where the idea of 9 circles of hell first originated. It is a 180 page long poem, which makes it i bit hard to read. also, this was written in the early 1300's, so I can barly read it, even though it was translated into english. here are some lines from it:
"Through me the way is to the city dolent;
Through me the way is to eternal dole;
Through me the way among a people lost.
Justice incitied my sublime Createor;
Created me divine Omnipotence,
The highest Wisdom and the primal Love.
Before me there where no created things,
Only eterne, and I eternal last.
All hope abandon, ye who enter in!"

that is the inscription on the gate to hell. I swear I spelled all of those words correctly, its the way its written in the book. and it is a lot easier to understand than the rest of the poem, but i am still interested. (although i don't beleive in hell.)

EDIT: EVOLUTION IS NOW OFFICIALLY COMPLETELY UNDENYABLE!! as long as you fully understand how evolution works, you cannot deny it. evolution is caused by a process called natural selection. natural selection is caused by variations, which are differences in members of the same species. organisms born with variations that hurt its ability to survive will die before it can mate and carry its unhelpful traits onto other generations. organisms with helpful traits will carry its traits on to other generations. this keeps going on until eventually there is a new species that has an improved ability to survive and is much better than the previous species.(note: this does not necicarily mean that the old species dies off.) without natural selection, every organism to this day would be exactly the same. thus, if you deny evolution, you deny natural selection. and if you deny natural selection, you are saying that every organism on the planet is exactly the same.


EDIT: on the 26th, I will be a leagal newgrounder! (13th birthday)

EDIT: Feel like flameing 7IsUnlucky? do it here!

EDIT: JULY 26: TODAYS MY BIRTHDAY!!! i am now 13 ^_^ now all the motherfuckers who flamed me for my age will either bow down to me or DIE!!! lol jk jk.

EDIT: lol i just felt like saying edit. EDITEDITEDITEDITEDIT!!!!!!! also edit ^_^ EDITEDITEDIT7ISAFAGEDITEDITEDIT!!! lol

EDIT: The error message generateor is a cool funny thing that i found a long time ago. i used it in a few of my flashes (the windows things) that links to one of the errors that i made (its not in my flashes) enjoy!

And heres another one!
heres another one
heres one more shitty one ^_^

link some of your own!

EDIT: a few seconds ago, i was thinking that, maybe if i had forgiven 7IsUnlucky and asked him if we could still be freinds, he would have stayed my freind and that whole thing never would have happened. than i remmembered that is exactly what i did, and the fag still spams the hell out of me and hates me for the rest of his pathetic faggy life.

lol i just made a real good point ^_^

EDIT: i'm getting tired of flameing 7 now, it's getting booooring.
i'm just gonna ban the bitch and pretend nothing ever happened.

EDIT: I can't fucking beleive that barack obama became president! he doesn't have the political experience to lead an army of ants, much less a country, dammit!

Posted by AndrewGlisson11 - January 22nd, 2008

Why the fucking hell do those assholes flood the portal with such shit? Why the fuck don't the motherfucking admin just delete all their accounds and give them an IP ban? i hear they are sick of spam, but why the hell don't they do shit about it?

EDIT: I do not speak for the KK only when i say this. i am speaking for ANYONE who has ever submitted spam. every single fucking spammer.

here's an estimate that i made: if i got 100 b/p points every week (which i am perfectly capeable of doing) for 5 weeks, i would be a police leutenant.
10 weeks and i would be a police captin.
15 weeks and i would be a private.
25 and I would be a first class private.
35 and i would be a corpral.
45 and i would be a sergent.
55 and i would be a staff sergent.
65 and i would be a master sergent.
300 weeks OR 75 months OR 6.25 years until i become a supreme commander.