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I'm bored

2009-04-25 19:46:25 by AndrewGlisson11

Pointless post, just comment with whatever the hell you want except spam.

EDIT: I took This IQ test and scored 132, which means that I am smarter than 98% of people :D
Of course, it was a short IQ test that took only 4 minutes for me to complete, so it could be innacurate. Online IQ tests are infamous for that. but 132 seems accurate to me. when I was in the 6th grade, I scored 127 on a very accurate real-life IQ test that took several hours and was probably taken over the course of several days if I remember correctly.
I KNOW that i'm smarter than I was then. My bbs posts, all of which were written at that time, indicate that i'm smarter now than I was then. In fact, I have difficulty beleiveing that my IQ was above 100 back then based on the lack of matureity I demonstrated in those posts. But maturity and grammar do not affect IQ directly, so 127 might be right.

EDIT: Logical proof that God doesn't exist 7/02/logical-proof-that-god-doesnt-exi st.html i=Proof+that+God+doesnt+exist+&fd _352.html
no_god.htm 7/logical-disproof-of-god-aka-god-is.h tml

As if I even need any more proof :)

Here's another link: f.html
Though I must agree that most of the arguments there are complete shit, some of them are logical.

And I will add an argument of my own: How can a God exist when those chosen to represent him sometimes sexually abuse children?

EDIT: If you think you can contradict one of the resons in the links above, please do, and I will counter your arguement.

EXAMPLE: To the proof in the second link, some would say "do not test the lord your god." This actually helps to further prove that god does not exist. It shows that god is very immature, so immature, in fact, that he is not even willing to be tested, even though he ceaselessly tests the faith of his creations with plagues and other forms of pain and suffering frequently bestowed upon mankind. It also shows that he is an idiot. He was far too dumb to realize that, if he had saved the man, than it would no longer be deniable that he existed. However, since he failed to act, It is now no longer deniable that he cannot possibly exist.


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2009-04-25 21:47:47

Yeah? and how's that working out for you!!! Congragufuckinglations. Now Go have fun with that.

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

I was only saying that because i'm bored as hell and didn't know what else to say, and my previous news post was getting kinda old since I was talking about someting that happened a month or two ago.


2009-04-26 01:44:05

I scored 127 on that, but I've never done a real life one. Lol, I didn't even answer one of the questions, so I think it's false.

(Updated ) AndrewGlisson11 responds:

Perhaps it is.

But 132 seems accurate... actually, I think mine may be HIGHER.

I'm alot smarter than I was when my IQ was 127, and only a 5 point difference is hardly much at all.

Regardless of that, i'll just say that my IQ is 132 even though i'm almost certain it's higher, because I have no such evidence to support the claim that my IQ is 133+

Actually, It seems real to me. when I didn't answer a single question, it said that my IQ was below 75. I don't know how you got 127 without answering a single question.


2009-04-27 05:44:23

No, I mean I skipped two questions. I couldn't be bothered doing them.

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

if it's only 2, than 127 could be accurate. they could have been questions that you would have gotten wrong anyways. or perhaps you have a high IQ, like me. ^_^


2009-05-06 04:38:55

I think that test is dodgy.

I scored 146, which classifies me as 'genius'.

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

Could be. I'm not sure how accurate it is, I'm only sure that 132 is an accurate score for me.


2009-05-06 19:24:08

Ummm... If God does exist you go to hell. If he doesn't, what's the worst that can happen to us Christians?

(Updated ) AndrewGlisson11 responds:

I know for sure that god does not exist, so I am not afraid of hell. there is no evidence to support the existence of such a place. that also proves that god is quite immature. he will allow ANY christian (Adolf Hitler and Henry VIII included) To go to heaven, but anyone who isn't christian, no matter how virtuous they are, will go to hell and suffer eternal punishment.

There is not anything that can happen to christians for being christians, but I still see no reason to beleive in god when no evidence exists that can prove god's existence. He doesn't even do a good job. I am only 13 years old and I could have done a much better job. The very definition of god contradicts itself, since the logic in the 5th link I posted says very clearly that no being can be both omnipotent AND omniscient at the same time, only one or the other. The monotheistic definition of god is one who is both, but that is not even possible, thus the existence of a god is not possible.


2009-05-07 22:50:07

I know God is real. I can sense him. I see him work miracles every day. Also, I don't believe that you can be a Christian and do the things Hitler did.

The reason God may seem impossible is because we cannot comprehend such a powerful being. Just the very sight of God to man will fry our brains.

(Updated ) AndrewGlisson11 responds:


That's what they all say. But I have never once in my life seen something that can only be the work of god.

No one can sense him. you only think you can.

And yes, hitler was indeed a christian.

You cannot comprehend such a powerful being, but does that really mean that he exists? There is NO EVIDENCE that shows that he exists. There is actually evidence that he doesn't exist. (click the second link I posted).

Don't attempt to tell me that the bible is proof enough, because it is not. It was written by man over the course of thousands of years, so, unless you intend to argue that it fell from the sky 2000 years ago, it cannot possibly be called proof.

"God" is just a waste of everyone's time. He has never once answered a prayer. He has not ever worked a miricle. Even though he is powerful enough to do so, he has not yet destroyed satan, regardless of the fact that he intends to destroy him as soon as possible.

He is not worth worshipping at all. The fossil record indicates that he is careless, mindless and indifferent. No loveing god would allow 99.9% of all species to perish over the course of only a few million years. Also, why the hell would he wait 13.7 billion years to create humans?

And if you intend to say that evolution is wrong, than again, the argument fails. creationism indicates that god posesses the maturity of a 5 year old, since he punished all of mankind for the mistake of a single person, even though it is his fault that eve made that mistake. He should have created her better, made her more obedient, and actually given a REASON not to do what she did. instead, rather than blameing himself for her poor creation, he blamed all of humankind for it, thus showing how utterly immature god is.

Ask god to give you clear proof that he exists, and you will get no answer.


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2009-06-19 13:45:08

You have the same IQ as me...