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2008-01-17 22:16:04 by AndrewGlisson11

Before I start talking about my atheism, I will say, yes, I have given up on the idea of getting 666 comments on my previous post. (you could still post there, though.)

I used to think that religious people are stupid, and that could almost be considered hate. but I don't anymore.

Religious people are just a little bit ignorant. most people beleive in a religion because thair parents do, and they are afraid of some punishment if they beleive in somthing different. (thats called "Fear tactics", which is getting someone to beleive in somthing/do somthing by scareing them.) and anyone who poseses a slight ammount of ignorence could end up beleiveing in that religion. and everyone poseses some ignorence.

There is a large difference between ignorence and stupidity. Stupidity is haveing a low intelegence level. Ignorence is simply not knowing/unawareness.

I am an athiest for contless reasons. as time goes by, I come to respect religious people more. but, also, the more I think about religion, the less likely i am to beleive in a religion.

the first reason i have is the fact that NO RELIGION WHATSOEVER HAS BEEN PROVEN.
you can't prove the existance of a higher being, you can't prove creationism, and you can't prove that noah's ark really existed. you can't prove anything from any religion. you can't prove that an afterlife exists, you can't prove that the budda really meditated under a tree for such a long time without any food or water,(if he really had, he would have died before he had any followers.) you can't prove any of that crap. why beleive in stuff that can't be proved? Science CAN be proved, however. and, the more science gets proved, the more it kicks the ass of all religion.

My second reason is the fact that religious people tend to hate anyone with different beleifs. I do not speak for all religious people when I say this, but there still are religious people who are that way. there are also atheists with the same problem,(i.e. "I used to think that religious people are stupid, and that could almost be considered hate. but I don't anymore.") but it's more common with religious people. religion also commonly involves the idea that if you don't beleive in that religion, you will go to hell.(Fear tactics again! OMG!!) This is rediculous to me. Charles Darwin, the person who theorised Evolution, was once dubed the most dangerous man in england because his theory was opposeing the christian belief that god created the earth in less than a week. also, WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE ALWAYS TRY TO CONVERT YOU TO THAIR RELIGION!? no religion is more likely to be true than any other religion.

My third reason is that, according to the bible, all of mankind was created in the "perfect" image of god. yet, we have people as imperfect as gays, idiots, pedophiles, Adolf Hitler, Michel Jackson, My little brother, 7IsUnlucky, and so on. speaking of gays, isn't it considered some horrible sin to be gay? it is according to the bible. (No, i have nothing against gays.) also, every time somthing bad happens, it's either Satan, or some punnishment from god.

My fourth reason is that, well, religion is one of the main causes of war. think a bout the crusedes, the inquisitions, and world war 2. all caused by differences in religious beleifs. (hitler blamed the jews far the fact that they lost world war 1, and his followers all agreed, thus causing world war 2. or maybe it was caused by somthing else and I misunderstood what my parents said.)

I have so much to say about this subject, that i might have forgotten some of it. if i remember it later, i'll post it here. I doubt that you read all of what i said up there.

some of you might reply wth "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!1!1!! YOU FUCKING HERITIC I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE!1!!1!!!!1!1!1!1!!" but you will only be makeing yourself and everyone else who worships your religion look bad.

and if you try to convert me to your religion by PMing me or commenting here, you'll just make me less likely to beleive in your religion.

wow, that's a lot of words. yes, i know the my spelling is horrible, but that doesn't make me stupid. spelling can't determine total intellegence. saying i'm dumb for my spelling would be like saying you're dumb because you suck at math, science, history, etc.


2007-12-20 15:52:22 by AndrewGlisson11

the person who makes the 666th coment gets a big reward!

66th commenter will also be rewarded!!

6th commenter will get a small reward, but its still a reward!

no, i don't worship satan just because the reward is given to the 666th poster, im an athiest and 666 is just a number.

you may not double post. double posting will get you disaualified.

this post will not be deleted until someone posts the 666th comment.

777th poster will get a really supurb awesome amazing super secret reward!!!! (if i don't delete this post before then.)


EDIT: spam comments do not count. if you spam, you will be banned and your comment will be deleted.

if you spam dozens of comments, this entire news post WILL be deleted you will be banned and i'll repost this comment so you all have to start all over again! (ain't that wonderful? i'm so nice!)

ANOTHER EDIT: tell your freinds about this to help us get to the 666th comment!

if somthing new or important is happening, i'll post it here because makeing a new post means attention will be drawn away from this post!

I would love to join the AKK (Anti-kitty krew) because i really hate those fags. i'm tired of thair spam!!

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7IsUnlucky is a fag! look at comments 46 through 52! they used to be comments 49 through 55, but someones account got deleted and my userpage has 3 fewer comments.

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damn, i just have to rant about this fags stupidity.

i treid reasoning with him and even offered to unban him, but he just spammed me.

also, i'm using 7IsUnluckyisgaylawl's header.

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see what you can make with this!



2007-12-15 23:01:26 by AndrewGlisson11

i'm one christmas break. i don't have to set foot on that smelly middle school campus for 3 whole weeks!!!


2007-12-08 21:10:56 by AndrewGlisson11

[ERROR!?] first person to post gets to see and awesome video!! [/ERROR!?]

guitar hero

2007-12-07 19:57:58 by AndrewGlisson11

anyone here play guitar hero?

new computer

2007-11-02 23:19:50 by AndrewGlisson11

not too long ago, the internet stopped working for my computer and it had to be restarted. after that, i did'nt have flash anymore.(some of you will probably throw a party because of this news.) so i had to reinstal my favorute computer games. then, my entire computer broke down, and i just had the new one installed today. this computer should last for 8 years, but now i have to reinstall my favourute games again!

but the good news is, this computer will last eight years and it is a lot faster than my previous computer.


2007-10-05 21:02:46 by AndrewGlisson11

i guerentee an intelegent answer.

school sucks collab

2007-09-07 23:37:31 by AndrewGlisson11

i'm makeing a new collab called the school sucks collab. think of 3 reasons why school sucks and make flashes out of them. the fps is 30 and the dimensions are 550x and 400y. no sexuality or execive cursing alloud in the collab, so don't even think about it.

if you don't wan't to join, don't post. if you post saying the collab sucks, i suck, or anything simmilar you will be banned.

no kitty krew alloud.

so, who wants to join?( i really doubt i'll get more than 3 people to join, since almost everyone hates me for some riddiculus reason.)


2007-08-13 14:37:33 by AndrewGlisson11


today i bought an electric guitar and soon i'll have lessons on how to play the electric guitar!

i started playing it randomly, and i've already learned some!

i think i'll be able to play the guitar in less than a year!