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2009-03-12 23:05:31 by AndrewGlisson11

I'm getting really good at COD4, i've almost beaten it on veteran, i'm on the second last level.

the problem is, my wireless controllers keep disconnecting randomly, so i'm stuck in the middle of the level with my broken conrollers unalble to complete it, i'll need to get some new ones :P

EDIT: I just got a new controller, so now i can finnaly beat the game on veteran difficulty. :D

EDIT:I beat it! well, kinda... i can't beat the epilogue. but i still got the acheivement, so i guess that means I beat it :D


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2009-03-12 23:45:12

Your biological mother sucks cock in hell.

(Updated ) AndrewGlisson11 responds:

Well YOUR biological mother HAS a cock.

And I'll bet you suck it often.


2009-04-19 00:09:22

what game system do u have

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

XBOX 360, the greatest game system ever.


2009-04-19 00:11:50

well if u say acheivment its xbox360 all controllers do that even mine and it is annoying

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

I see what you mean, my new one is beginning to have the same problem.


2009-04-21 06:29:41

Great! Should I get it? I am considering...

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

Game of the year 2008: Call of Duty 4


2009-04-21 06:30:07

Also, response to top comment is win.

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

I know, lol.


2009-04-25 09:21:05

I has a ps3.

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

not as good as the 360 though